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I create online content through my brand – “Cultured Monk Media”. This is the site/homepage for my brand. I like blogging in all forms, shapes and sizes…

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I learned from a very young age that life just sucks. I had my first nervous breakdown at age 13 which consisted of an incessant series of anxiety attacks which was by far the most frightening experience of my life. The Buddha tells us that all life is suffering. Thoughts are neurological impulses that stress the body, we are always thinking and are therefore always suffering. Yes, the Buddha is correct – life is ALL SUFFERING. However, deep suffering and/or failing deeply in life can add tremendous depth to our life. I believe this happened to me. I have a lot to share with the World. I have a lot of insight. I tried college in my early 20’s but immediately found out that it just isn’t for me as we all know that all work and no play makes Jackie a dull boy! I just prefer to save the time and money and buy books on subjects that deeply interest me – be it casino gambling, blogging, chess, writing, philosophy, etc..etc…

I started producing web content in 2014. This was when I started my brand – Cultured Monk Media – which consisted mostly of YouTube videos. I learned a lot about myself from YouTube – mainly, I thought I knew everything! I am older and wiser now. I have a new YouTube Channel these days – Shallow Cal

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Yes, I met former World Chess Champion Veselin Topalov in September of 2014.

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“Success. It’s got enemies. You can be successful and have enemies, or you can be unsuccessful and have friends” – Dom Cattano, American Gangster

Job 33:29  “Behold, God does these things with a man, twice, three times, saves his soul from the pit, that he may see the light of life.”

1997 Region 7 Scholastic Championship
Chess Association of Saint Louis MO
7-19-97 (Elementary Section)

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