Yes, I am back with WordPress and after many, many years of frustrating the hell out of my mentor.  Fortunately, he has decided against completely giving up on me.  There’s hope.  I’m finally on the right drugs.  I held a job all Summer long for the first time in  my entire life… even though I didn’t really end up with much $$$.  My happy-ass needs to get to a country that’s a little cheaper.  The whole reason I’m focusing solely on building my online brand (Cultured Monk Media) is so I can work from a laptop with the idea of being able to make money on the road (i.e. having the finances to be location independent).  This is also the whole reason I decided to get the shot – to travel abroad.

I’m currently residing in a major city in the USA.  Things are going fairly well, but I’m still not happy.  I can’t do the same thing over and over and stay in the same place over and over. God help me.

See you next time friends, and always remember, there is a new episode of CulturedMonkPodcasting every Thursday at 2pm EST/New York City time.  I’ve actually been thinking of having a new episode every weekday, but that will be a full-time job in itself.  Take care!