The Many Saints of Newark takes place in the Newark New Jersey during the 60’s and 70’s.  All the hype about this prequel to HBO’s “The Sopranos” lead us to believe that the movie (The Many Saints of Newark) was going to be about the young Tony Soprano.  It wasn’t.  The movie is about Christopher’s dad, Dickie Moltisanti, and the plot doesn’t really start kicking into gear until you get about an hour into the movie.  On a side note, I thought the opening scene was really cool.

My hope was that the movie was going to give us an obvious clue or hint as to what happened to Tony after the last episode of the series back in the Spring of 2007.  Hypothetically, the writers could have made a final scene where a mob captain or boss was having dinner with his family at a restaurant in the same kind of atmosphere we saw at the end of the show.  But instead of the infamous “cut to black”, the captain gets shot and killed from a guy storming through a door, or maybe the creepy stranger storms out a restroom door…and..nothing.. happens.  He calmly sits down at the bar and orders a bear or something.  The conclusion here would be that Tony  and his family were all fine and they continued with their normal daily lives.  This is one example.  I must admit, a few answers or explanations were given to us as the movie plays out.

I don’t have a whole lot more to say about the movie.  Was it great?  No.  Was it an upset?  No.  On a five star rating scale, I give it a 3.  Will I watch it again before too long?  Certo (Sure)!

I will conclude now by stating that Michela De Rossi (the young Italian actress who plays Dickie’s wife)  is stunning and did a damn good job for what was probably her first major Hollywood role.

I felt a little obligated to write this post because of a recent post about Cosa Nostra that I wrote here on this blog.

Thanks for reading!

– Monk