On Tuesday, August 10 2021, I wrote and uploaded a list of my top 8 heroes of all-time on my chess blog.  This is an updated version that I am rethinking, writing and uploading all over again.

I’ve been looking back on that list lately from time to time and actually thought it was a little strange, like.. why the Hell did i include Justin Timberlake, and why wasn’t Jim Carrey included in that list… so, here we go again!

For my 8th Spot:  Emile Hirsch

Emile, is an American actor around my age who was the main character in the top three of my two favorite movies ever made!  Ironically, his characters in those two movies were the exact opposite personality types as far as being a loving intellectual who wants to only do good.

7.  Marilyn Vos Savant

Anyone who has a full understanding of the Monty-Hall probability scenario will make my top 8 list.  She discusses this math problem and fully elaborates on it in one of her columns in Parade magazine.

6.  Leonardo Da Vinci

A Polymath.  He did a little bit of everything.  Anyone this intelligent will make my top heroes of all-time list.

5.  Brett Favre

My childhood hero and THE REAL IRONMAN.

4.  Garry Kasparov

The Greatest Chess Player of All-Time must of course make this top 8 list.  I’ve been studying his games since the mid-90’s.

3.  UG Krishnamurti

One of India’s greatest “thinkers”.  I have read four of his books, and they are all so fascinating!  I would recommend you start off with “The Mystique of Enlightenment” so that you can get a better understanding of who the man was.

2.  Jim Carrey

The one-man-comedy-making-machine.  Dumb and Dumber (the original) and Me, Myself and Irene are probably my two favorites by him.  I’m also a huge fan of Ace Ventura:  Pet Detective.

1. And for number one, yes, you guessed it – Bobby Fischer

After all, I have an entire page dedicated to him here on my homepage.  I miss you Bobby!

Honorable Mentions:  John Forbes Nash, Albert Einstein, Alexander Alekhine, Bernie Sanders

(Please note:  This is a list of mortals.  I purposefully excluded the great religious figures such as Jesus Christ and Lord Buddha)

– Monk