I am Calvin and have been a devout content creator since 2014. I am a full-blooded Chicagoan who was born and raised in the Deep Southern Fried Illinois and currently resides in STL Missouri.  Actually, my dream has been to be a Pro Gambler, but my mentor brought me down to reality and insisted I go pro with content creation/SEO/web design.  Pro gamblers deal with tremendous pressure.  They also have huge buyers/sponsors.  Like many other things, it’s not quite so simple.

I have recently been dedicating all of my time to Chess and Foreign Languages… going back to the good ole days.  The content creator/SEO/Web Design stuff was just an epic failure.  I will still be active here and on a few other platforms, however.

I post at least 1x per week here on the blog.  A lot of people ask how often should you post on your blog but there is no definite answer to this and a lot of it can depend on the type of industry you are in and what your content revolves around.  Also, a large part of it is just finding your own personal style.

I am not on social media.  At all.

This is where you’ll find me on the Web:



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Yours Truly with Alisa Melekhina

FIDE Master A. Melekhina and I at the Saint Louis Missouri Chess Club, 09/2014